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Why Choose Gay Gasper Estate Sales Team?
You only have one chance to "get it right" when liquidating a lifetime's worth of possessions.  

 Choosing the right estate sale company can make all the difference between a happy experience or regret.  

There are many estate sale companies in the Raleigh- Durham - Chapel Hill area, and new ones are popping up all the time.         Why choose us?  

  • EXPERIENCE AND MATURITY.  Our clients benefit from our team's years of business experience in the estate sales and antiques business.    We know how to price items for the secondary market, what an item will sell for at a tag sale, what's in demand and what has faded in popularity, what would sell better at auction, and what should be donated.    We are skilled at researching unfamiliar items using our reference library and paid online sources. 

  •  SPECIALIZED TRAINING IN THE FIELD. In 2014, Gay completed the rigorous course of study required by the International Society of Appraisers for accredited members, as well as the Estate Liquidator's course offered by the American Society of Estate Liquidators.  Our team members include a native Chinese speaker, a clock specialist, a silver specialist, a native Spanish speaker, and a Graduate Gemologist.

  • We make it EASY!  All you have to do is decide what you're keeping and remove it.  We handle the rest!  No constant back and forth trips to the donation center or dump, and no trying to navigate the scary online selling jungle.

  • We take the TIME and EFFORT.      We make an effort to stage the property nicely.   This means taking care of details large and small, such as washing dusty glass (because clean sells better than dirty), discarding trash beforehand, and arranging linens in an attractive way.  We organize as much as time allows out of respect for our buyers, our clients and their family member.  

  • Each client is special to us, not just another "notch on the belt".      We don't have an "A" team and "B" team - varsity and jr. varsity - and you won't have to worry about  the possibility of your family's estate or a treasured collection of a lifetime being handed off to amateurs with little experience in pricing personal property after the contract is signed.  When you hire us, you get the best.   

  • ADVERTISING and MARKETING.       We take BEAUTIFUL, CLEAR photographs for advertising (take a look at the links to some of our previous sales).  We've invested money (and time) to ensure our ad photos draw in buyers.    Our email contact list is growing by leaps and bounds.   We advertise our sales locally and nationally via (our ads typically get 7,000 to 10,000 "hits" during their online run).     Advertising copy is spelled correctly, not riddled with distracting spelling and grammatical errors.  We are a proud advertiser with our local NPR affiliate.   

  •  CUSTOMER SERVICE.    Our checkout is via computer, which streamlines the process and provides our clients with an itemized list of all items sold.  We accept cash, checks AND credit cards for buyers' convenience and to maximize sales (not all companies do).   Sales are conducted in a dignified, respectful manner, with a sign-up list, entrance numbers when necessary, and orderly lines. We're polite, friendly and helpful, which should be a "given" in this business, but sadly isn't.    We use professionally printed signs to draw buyers to our sales.  

  • CLIENT SERVICE​.   We offer services tailored to YOUR needs, handled with maturity, honesty, discretion, sensitivity and respect.  Regardless of the situation - parent moving to assisted living, death of a loved one, "hoarding tendencies", divorce, etc. we have pretty much "been there and done that".  

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