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  • First, decide which items will be included in the tag sale.    Items going to heirs or to be kept by you should be noted and clearly marked.  Set aside photographs, financial records/letters and prescription medications.

  • Call us at (919) 824-3665, or email at to make an appointment for an initial consultation to assess your needs and determine the best solution for your situation.   (A word to the wise -call us as soon as possible, as our calendar fills up quickly.)

  • During the consultation, we'll assess your needs and determine the best solution for your situation. 

  • To assess the potential for a successful estate sale, we consider three elements:   volume, variety and value.    

  • Volume:  will there be a house full of items?  If yes, great.  If not, call us anyway - we can get the house emptied for you after you move.  

  • Variety:  our shoppers love to buy ALL kinds of items that are better quality and excellent condition  - modern furniture, unusual items with an international flair, good kitchen items, tools, record albums, nice clothing, books, garden decor, and more.  Having a lot of interesting items ensures good attendance.  

  • Value:   our shoppers come primarily for the "good stuff", and will pay for it, too!  Sterling silver, good jewelry, Asian antiques, fine art, better antique furniture, good modern furniture, art glass, tools and equipment, etc. all do well at our sales.  Tiffany, Herend, Steuben, Baccarat , St. John, Hermes, and similar high end items will draw the shoppers who also buy smalls.    

  • If we are holding an estate sale, we are paid on a commission basis to stage and conduct the sale, which means no upfront cost to you.  Our commission is decided upon in the initial interview, and is a reasonable percentage based upon the amount of time and manpower required to properly stage and conduct the sale, as well as upon the quantity and quality of contents. 

  •  Once the contract terms have been reviewed and you have a moving date on the calendar, a target sale date is determined.    When we have a signed contract, the weekend is reserved for you! 

  • We do not prepare for or conduct sales in owner-occupied houses.  If you need to downsize without moving, or have been told by a realtor to clear out the clutter but can't move, CALL US !  We are happy to recommend alternatives.

  •    You provide us with a key, remove the items "not for sale" from the premises, and we do the rest.   

  • We set up an estate sale in the residence, carefully sorting, staging and pricing the property.  We price items appropriately for the estate sale market.

  • Each room is organized to make the merchandise appealing to buyers. (See our "before and after" pages for some examples.)   This is often the point in the process when, after seeing the "new look" of the house, our clients realize they have chosen the best estate sale company in the area.

  • We take EXCELLENT photographs of the staged areas and featured items in the sale.   A beautiful ad is created, linked on our company website (the go-to place for estate sale customers) and to our company's Facebook page.   We also will place flyers locally and post neighborhood signs if allowed.   

  • We research items as needed, consulting our network of antiques and property specialists, large reference library, and internet results.  We also rely upon our YEARS of experience in the resale marketplace.

  • We conduct the sale (weekend, 1 - 3 days depending upon the circumstance), staffed with experienced and friendly personnel.   Entry is controlled to limit overcrowding, and small valuable items are sold in a secure manner.   We accept cash, checks AND credit cards to maximize sales. 

  • We provide a settlement statement, along with an itemized list of items sold and a check for your share of the proceeds five business days after the end of the sale.

  • Optional services: full house clean-outs, dumpster rental.

Gay Gasper Estate Sales Team Services

Here's a brief overview of the process and the services we offer, from start to finish.